Legal & Court Ordered Testing Solutions

Our comprehensive legal and court-ordered drug testing services ensure accuracy, reliability, and compliance with judicial requirements. We offer various testing methods tailored to meet the specific needs of legal proceedings, probation monitoring, custody battles, Immigration and other court-mandated situations.

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Court Ordered Drug Test, Legal order drug test, Probation Drug Testing

Court-Ordered Probation Drug Testing

Convenient and accurate drug testing of the most common court-ordered tests include the 5 panel, 10 panel, urine alcohol, and EtG alcohol screenings

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Little african american cute girl lying down on the floor.Child Welfare Drug Testing Court Ordered Lovely kid lying on carpet

Child Welfare Drug Testing

Parental substance use affects many families who come to the attention of child welfare services. Alcohol and other drug use can impair a parent’s judgment and ability to provide the consistent care, supervision, and guidance that children desperately need.

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Immigration DNA Testing, Drug Testing Charlotte

Immigration Drug & DNA Testing

Whether you're proving parentage, verifying sibling connections, or affirming grandparental ties, our advanced testing procedures provide conclusive results, empowering you to navigate the immigration process with confidence.

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Court Ordered Drug Testing FAQs

What is court-ordered drug testing?

Court-ordered drug testing refers to drug testing mandated by a court as part of legal proceedings, such as criminal cases, child custody battles, probation monitoring, or as a condition of bail.

Who can request court-ordered drug testing?

Judges, probation officers, attorneys, social workers, or other legal authorities involved in a case can request court-ordered drug testing.

Do you provide drug testing services for individuals as well as businesses?

Yes, we offer drug testing services for both individuals and businesses, with customizable options for each type of client.

What types of drug tests are typically ordered by the court?

The court may order various types of drug tests, including urine, saliva, blood, hair follicle, or sweat patch testing, depending on the circumstances of the case and the jurisdiction's protocols.

How often do I need to undergo court-ordered drug testing?

The frequency of court-ordered drug testing varies depending on the specific court order and the requirements outlined by the judge or probation officer overseeing the case.

What happens if I fail a court-ordered drug test?

Failing a court-ordered drug test may have serious consequences, including potential legal penalties, probation violations, custody disputes, or other repercussions determined by the court.