Convenient Onsite & Mobile Solutions

Employer Onsite Testing Solutions

VeriFi Charlotte is honored to offer employers Onsite Lab Testing Solutions. We are able to accommodate Drug Testing Services for Pre-employment, Random screening, Reasonable Suspicion and Post Accident, to determine if one of your candidates or workers is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty. We are happy to serve your employees at your location or the location of your choosing. 

How it Works: You may choose Lab Based  or Rapid screenings.  Test are performed, candidate after candidate, by our Collectors. Instant test results will be reported too your Designated Employer Representative(DER) the same day!

All non-negative Rapid Test results are forwarded to one of our affiliated labs for verification. The Medical Review Officer (A Licensed Physician) does a complete review and provides an official, written report to ensure you have a laboratory certified analysis. This protects you legally, if a result is ever challenged by a terminated or rejected candidate.

We look forward to serving you for your next onsite visit!

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Mobile/After Hours Testing

VeriFi Charlotte understands that coming into the office may not work for everyone, so we are  happy to come to you at your conveience. Many of our screening solutions are availabe as mobile solutions. Whether you need drug testing, notary, fingerprinting or I-9 Verification. We look forward to serving you! 

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